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Traditional "NO CREAM" Carbonara

Updated: Apr 5

The Traditional "NO CREAM" Carbonara - Easy to follow steps to recreate this Roman Masterpiece at home

Pasta alla Carbonara, one of the most famous Italian dishes all around the world. Dating back to the 20th Century, The Roman Gods blessed us with a creamy, rich and satisficing recipe - the catch? NO CREAM!

What gives this iconic dish the creaminess its so famous for?

Egg yolks, pecorino romano & pasta water emulsified creates the perfect sauce. Choose Guanciale or Pancetta to replicate the traditional flavors.

With few ingredients needed to recreate this recipe, ensure you are using high quality ingredients & always make sure your Pasta is cooked until al dente.


Pasta cooked so as to be still firm when bitten. The Pasta will finish cooking your sauce

CANT FIND GUANCIALE? This is ok, Pancetta also works well

Buon appetito - Tag us in your creations @the_pasta_emporium

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